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Coffee cups

Find out how to reduce, recycle, home compost and dispose of coffee cups.


Why not buy yourself a reusable coffee cup instead? There are lots of different styles and sizes on offer.

Some businesses may even offer money off if you bring your own cup.

Or even better, sit in and enjoy your coffee - that way you don't need a disposable! 


Why not ask your local Costa or Starbucks if you can recycle your coffee cup in their store as some will be able to take back coffee cups (even from other stores) for recycling!

MacDonald’s coffee cups can be recycled in any MacDonald’s outlet in their own recycling bin

You can recycle the cardboard sleeve and plastic lid: 

Recycle as home compost

If the cup has a compostable symbol on it, you can compost it at home in your garden.


You cannot recycle non-compostable coffee cups due to the mix of materials in them.

You will need to put them in your household rubbish bin or in the non-recyclable container at any Suffolk Recycling Centre.