Community Run Recycling Centres

Information on community run recycling centres in Suffolk.

People told us they would rather pay than lose their site, but this was not an option open to the council, as legally Suffolk County Council are not allowed to charge for regular household waste. The solution to this problem was to find others in the community to provide a service.

Suffolk County Council worked very hard with community groups, other councils, charities and private companies to try and keep local services running to supplement the network of 11 remaining council sites. Thanks to their efforts this has resulted in new ‘pay as you throw’ schemes in some parts of the county.

Please note these sites are managed by private companies - the information provided below is for guidance only. For up-to-date information on specific site charges, materials accepted etc at each site please refer to that site's operator directly. Suffolk Waste Partnership (SWP) cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in external websites.