Home composting

Find out how to compost and information on special compost bin offers.

Get Composting: special offers

The Suffolk Waste Partnership have once again teamed up with getcomposting.com to give Suffolk residents the chance to buy home composting bins for under £20 each!

Through the scheme you can buy a range of heavily subsidised items, which can help you to compost both your garden and kitchen waste at home.

The scheme also includes subsidies on a couple of composting systems which can deal with cooked food waste.

There’s also the opportunity to get another compost bin of the same size for half price! So there's no better time to get composting!

To find all the offers on compost bins and more you can:

  • Visit GetComposting and enter your postcode to view special offers
  • Call 0800 316 4454 and quote SUF 24L

Why compost?

Person in wellies holding a trowel and using a home compost bin

Did you know that more than a third of the contents of the average household waste bin could be rescued from disposal and 'recycled' at home? Composting is 'natures way of recycling' and the most environmentally-friendly way of dealing with organic waste from your garden and kitchen. So why not get out in your garden, get back to nature and give home composting a go! You only need a small space to get started and you don't even need a compost bin! See below for some of the many benefits of home composting:

  • Compost improves the health of your soil, which is great for your plants!
  • It's free and easy to make from garden and kitchen waste.
  • It is an excellent multi-purpose mulch.
  • Unlike bought compost, it has no packaging or 'fuel miles' and is peat-free.
  • Compost heaps and bins improve the bio-diversity of your garden.
  • Making it keeps you fit and gets you out in the fresh air!

How do I compost at home?

If you don't have a garden but have a balcony or utility room why not buy or make your own wormery?

For more detail on how to get started, you can follow Recycle Now's composting guide.

You may also be able to put organic waste in your household composting bin for collection, if you have one.

What can I compost at home?

Composting advice

If you are an individual, school or group and need some home composting advice, you can contact a Master Composter at mastercomposters@suffolk.gov.uk.

There are lots of great composting self-help guides available - why not try these: