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Cardboard egg boxes, toilet and kitchen roll tubes

Find out how to reuse and recycle cardboard egg boxes, and toilet and kitchen roll tubes.


Egg boxes and tubes can be used for a range of crafty activities - search online for ideas. 

Or donate them online on sites such as Olio, Freegle or Freecycle so other crafters can make use of them! 


Cardboard toilet and kitchen roll inner tubes

Cardboard toilet and kitchen rolls can be recycled in your Suffolk household recycling bins.

or in the cardboard container at any Suffolk Recycling Centre.

Cardboard egg boxes

Cardboard egg boxes can be put in your household recycling bin but it is better to use them for home composting.

Home compost

If scrunched up and placed in a home compost bin they provide a good source of carbon into the compost mix and create natural air-pockets which help the composting process.