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Camping gas bottles and canisters

Find out how to recycle camping gas bottles and canisters.

Camping gas bottles are different to normal deodorant cans because they contain up to 3 times the pressure which could cause serious damage at the re-processing facility! For this reason, gas canisters must not be placed into your rubbish or recycling bin at home.


You can bring gas canisters to any Suffolk Recycling Centre.

Empty “pierced-top” style canisters can be recycled in the metal container at the recycling Centre.

"Valve-top" style canisters can go in the gas bottle cage at the Recycling Centres. Please ask site staff for assistance.

Draining Gas Canisters

  • To fully drain any residual fuel, take your stove outdoors, attach the canister, and safely burn off any remaining gas.
  • Be aware that the final fraction of fuel burns at a very slow rate due to low canister pressure, and that it can take a surprising amount of time to completely empty a canister.
  • Even after the burner flame sputters out, keep the can open a while longer to ensure any final residual vapours escape.  For valve top canisters, then contact the manufacturer for further advice.

For larger gas cylinders see "gas bottles and cylinders".