Paper (newspapers, magazines, envelopes, junk mail)

Find out how to reduce, reuse, recycle or compost your paper.


Use old envelopes, or the blank sides of printed sheets, as note paper.


Consider only printing what you actually need as hard copy.

Read the news online or on TV as an alternative to buying a daily newspaper.

The Mailing Preference Service will prevent most unsolicited addressed mail by removing your name from marketing lists based in the UK. Call them on 0845 703 4599.

To stop the Royal Mail posting unaddressed mail to your home, you must opt out of their service. Contact them by email at


You can recycle all dry paper (apart from shredded paper, kitchen towels and tissues):

You can recycle all dry paper and shredded paper (apart from kitchen towels and tissues):

Recycle as home compost

Small scraps of paper (e.g. shopping receipts) and shredded paper which may get lost in the recycling process can be put in your home compost bin and in some kerbside composting bins.