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Garden waste (dead plant, flowers, grass, leaves, weeds, branches, windfall, fruit)

Find out how to recycle and home compost garden waste.


All district or borough councils will only accept windfall fruit and vegetables (from the garden, not kitchen) in the kerbside compost bin.

Branches going into the kerbside compost bin must be a maximum of 6cm in diameter. If they are any larger, please take them to any Suffolk Household Recycling Centre and put them in green container.

Recycle as home compost

You can place all garden waste in a home composting bin.

The only exception is Japanese knotweed and Ragwort. These plants require special handling and you should not put them in your kerbside or home composting bin.

If you are interested in finding out how to compost food waste, see "Food waste and leftovers".