TVs and monitors (televisions)

Find out how to reduce, reuse and recycle televisions and monitors.


Before thinking about reuse, recycling or disposal options for your TV or monitor, have you considered whether it could be repaired?

There are several repair cafes and groups in Suffolk who offer free help to local communities. Please visit the repair cafes page to find out more.


Some charities will accept televisions for reuse. Find your nearest charity shop.

You can also sell or exchange television and monitors through an online re-use network, car boot sale, jumble sale, or online market. Offer unwanted items to friends, neighbours or relatives.

If it is in good condition, it can also be taken to any Suffolk Recycling Centre and placed in the re-use container (ask site staff for details).


You can recycle TVs and monitors at your local Suffolk Recycling Centre in the large domestic appliance section.

Alternatively your local district or borough council offers a charged collection service.