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Find out how to reduce, reuse, recycle and dispose of suitcases.


Before thinking about reuse, recycling or disposal options for your suitcase, have you considered whether it could be repaired?

There are several repair cafes and groups in Suffolk who offer free help to local communities. Please visit the repair cafes page to find out more.


Why not donate your old suitcase to a charity shop or Freecycle then please consider donating it depending how worn out it is.

If it is in good condition, it can also be taken to any Suffolk Recycling Centre and placed in the reuse container (ask site staff for details).


Some suitcases are made mostly from hard plastics. If this is the case then the suitcase can be recycled, at your nearest Recycling centre in the hard plastic container.


Most suitcases are made from a mix of different materials so these cannot currently be recycled in Suffolk. They should be disposed of in the non-recycling container at Recycling centres or in your refuse bin.