Storage heaters

Find out how to recycle or dispose of storage heaters.

If your storage heaters were installed before 1974, there is a possibility that they may contain asbestos insulation. (List of models known to contain asbestos). Please don’t dismantle the heater if you think asbestos may be present as the asbestos insulation may have frayed and therefore it will be dangerous to do so.

If you think it may contain asbestos it cannot be taken to a Recycling Centre. The weight of these will also be too much for our hazardous waste collection, however Collins Skip hire does have an asbestos landfill and they may be able to take this (please contact them directly) or you can go to any other asbestos disposal company.

If your storage heater is newer than 1974 (& not on the above list)

Take the bricks from the storage heater to any Suffolk Recycling Centre and place in the hardcore container. Charges may apply. Find details of the free limit for householders from 31 Dec 2023 here.

The casing can go in the small electricals container at the Suffolk Recycling Centre, however if you are unsure you can ask on site.