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Plastic bottles and food packaging (fruit punnets, milk bottles, sandwich packets, etc.)

Find out how to recycle and reduce plastic bottles and food packaging.


Wherever possible, try and avoid purchasing overpackaged food items (such as individually wrapped cake slices) and reuse/refill plastic drinks bottles and containers. Recycling should be empty, clean and dry and free from any food or drink residue.

Why not take a re-usable bottle with you and refill it, rather than buying a new plastic bottle on the go? The Refill scheme allows you to find your nearest re-fill station across the UK, just download the app to get started! If you come across a refill point that isn’t listed or want to set one up yourself, contact them to let them know!


You can recycle any plastic bottles (including drinks, cleaning and beauty products) and all moulded plastic food packaging (such as tubs, pots, inner trays, egg boxes and black plastic).

Loose bottle tops are too small to survive the pre-sorting process at the recycling facility. They won’t get recycled unless you wash and squash your empty plastics bottles and then place the top back on.

Please don’t put any herbicide or pesticide containers in your recycling bin. These could contain hazardous wastes.

You can then recycle: