Plastic bags (carrier bags)

Find out how to reduce, reuse, recycle or dispose of plastic bags (carrier bags).


When shopping, don't accept unwanted plastic bags - take reusable bags with you.


Plastic bags can be re-used as bin liners or dog litter bags.

Some charity shops may accept plastic bags for reuse.


Tesco, Sainsburys and Co-op are all offering soft and flexible plastic recycling. Please check their websites for more information on whether your local store has a collection point:

Some other supermarkets have collection bins for soft plastics such as plastic bags, food bags and plastic film but you will need to check with the store in advance.


Plastic bags and film can't be put in your kerbside recycling bin or recycled at the Suffolk Recycling Centre.

Bags brought to the Recycling Centres will have to put in general non-recyclable due to increasing difficulty finding markets for this material or they can go in your household rubbish bin at home.