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Oil tanks

Find out how to reuse and recycle oil tanks.


You cannot take oil tanks to any of Suffolk’s Recycling Centres, even if they are cut up and professionally cleaned.

Most companies who service and replace tanks will take away your unwanted one upon request for it to be recycled.

You can take empty metal oil tanks to a local scrap metal company.

If professionally cleaned, empty plastic oil tanks may be accepted by recycling companies (try asking Bolton Brothers Ltd, Bramford Road, Great Blakenham).

If there is any heating oil left in the tank you will need to dispose of the oil first. You can do this through your local borough or district council's charged hazardous waste collection service. You cannot dispose of heating oil at any of Suffolk’s Recycling Centres.


Try advertising your oil tank on Freecycle, Freegle, eBay or Gumtree as somebody may need or have a use for it. We’ve heard of people donating plastic oil tanks to farmers and paintballing centres!