Find out how to recycle and dispose of vapes and other types of electronic cigarettes.

E-cigarettes (vapes) contain batteries which can cause fires if placed in any of your bins and should be disposed of responsibly.


If possible, remove the battery for recycling at most large stores or at a recycling centre. Only do this if it is easily removed and be careful not to puncture the battery.

E-cigarettes (vapes) can be recycled in the small domestic appliance container at any Recycling Centre with and without removal of batteries. Ensure that they are free from any E-Liquid.

You can also recycle disposable e-cigarette (vapes) at collection points at several supermarkets, including Tesco , Sainsburys, Asda  and the Co-op. In store collection points may come in the form of a separate container for vapes or a joint battery/vape bin. If in doubt ask in store. 

Retailers have a responsibility to take back the used vapes that they sell. Ask your retailer about their vape take-back scheme when purchasing a vape.

 Find your nearest electrical and battery recycling point on the bring banks page.


Empty e-cigarette cases (without batteries) can be disposed of in your rubbish bin.

You should not place vapes containing batteries in any household bin.