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Find out how to reduce, reuse and recycle bicycles.


Before thinking about reuse, recycling or disposal options for your bicycle, have you considered whether it could be repaired?

There are several repair cafes and groups in Suffolk who offer free help to local communities. Please visit this page to find out more. 


You can donate unwanted bicycles to local bicycle projects such as Re-cycle or the  Green Bike Project. Alternatively, you can advertise bikes on a free online re-use network such as Freegle, Freecycle. 

You can also take old or unwanted gently used items to any Suffolk Recycling Centre and to put them in the orange re-use containers at site. These items can then be used to support local charities. 


 If a bicycle is beyond repair or in parts, you can recycle it in the metal container at any Suffolk Recycling Centre.