Waste saving activities

Find out about some waste saving activities you can try in your school or classroom.

Some of the activities suggested below could be supported by setting up a school Waste and Recycling Group, a dedicated noticeboard to inform and promote what’s happening as well as building in regular assemblies about reducing, reusing and recycling!

Reducing waste at school

  • Set school printers and photocopiers to print double sided
  • Keep a scrap paper drawer in your classroom
  • Send school correspondence by email where possible to avoid unnecessary printing
  • Introduce regular ‘waste free’ lunch days
  • Complete a waste audit (this needs checking and add link)  to find out how much waste your school makes and see if you can cut down. Don’t forget to involve the school kitchen, caretakers and cleaners
  • Write a class article for the school newsletter outlining what you are doing to reduce waste and promote green behaviours

Re-using more

  • Set up systems to collect left over arts/craft/display materials for re-use
  • Could your school collect other materials for your parents and local community? e.g. batteries or other charity/Terracycle schemes
  • Hold a swap/sale for old uniform unwanted clothes, shoes, toys etc.
  • Replace disposable drinks bottles/cutlery and cups with re-usable alternatives
  • Advertise unwanted furniture to families or online sites such as Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree, Freecycle, Freegle or OLIO
  • Give to and buy items for re-use at charity shops or your local Recycling Centre

Recycling more

  • Make sure all school bins are clearly labelled for recycling and non-recyclable - using images might help!
  • Review school purchasing policy to try and include as many recycled products as possible e.g. paper and toilet rolls
  • Check what you can recycle at school with your local authority or refuse contractor
  • Recruit recycling monitors for each class
  • Incorporate recycling into all school events so it becomes part of your school ethos!