Recycling bring banks

Find out what items you can take to a recycling bring bank and find where they are in Suffolk.

Bring banks are a series of recycling containers provided by your local waste collection authority team.

What you can take to a bring bank


Please remember to:

  • Empty and rinse each bottle, jar or glass container 

  • Please leave your caps on bottles and jars as these are recycled too! 

  • Separate into different colours for recycling: clear, brown, green or blue (blue goes in with the green)

  • Do not leave glass by the bring bank if it is full.

Glass bottle icon

Textiles and clothing

Please remember to: 

  • Keep items in a bag to keep them dry

  • Tie shoes and footwear together in pairs  

  • Please place textiles in a carrier bags, not black bags as these can block the chute           

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Tins and cans

Please remember to: 

  • Wash and (if possible) squash tins and cans 

  • Include clean foil (e.g. foil wrap, bottles tops) 

  • Include empty aerosol cans

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Small electricals

Please remember:

  • Only put in electrical items that fit in the container 

  • Do not leave bigger electrical items near the containers 

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Suffolk bring banks

In Suffolk there are over 1,000 recycling banks for a wide range of materials including glass, textiles, paper, cans, tins, cartons and books.

You can find your nearest bring bank with the Recycle Locator below.


If you want to suggest a site for a glass bank, or report that glass bank is overflowing contact your local waste collection authority