Eat your pumpkin!

Halloween is now Britain’s third biggest commercial holiday, after Christmas and Easter, and the country’s second biggest party night after New Year’s Eve. But the spookiest side of Halloween is the shocking number of edible pumpkins that go to waste each year.

Every year over a quarter of all Halloween pumpkins in the UK end up being thrown away - that’s 18,000 tonnes of food waste.

Food waste not only presents a problem for the environment and councils, but it also costs residents (YES, YOU!) hundreds of pounds every single year. The average household could save up to £810 per year by reducing unnecessary food waste.

Every pumpkin eaten is a step towards tackling the 7.3 million tonnes of food and drink that is thrown away from UK homes every year.

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Suffolk and Norfolk councils have joined forces with environmental charity Hubbub to stop so many pumpkins being wasted as a part of their #FoodSavvy campaign. #FoodSavvy was launched in September 2018 in an effort to help residents to reduce domestic food waste and save money, head to the website here.

30 delicious pumpkin recipes can be found here, it would be ghoul-ish not to eat your pumpkin!

Councillor Peter Stevens, Chairman of the Suffolk Waste Partnership, said:

Food waste is a serious issue in Suffolk with the average family throwing away £810 of potentially good food every year. Think what you could do with that money? We’re literally throwing it in the bin!

Trewin Restorick, Founder and CEO of Hubbub said:

As Halloween continues to grow in popularity in the UK, it’s really important that this doesn’t create an even larger mountain of food waste. We must recognise that pumpkins are a valuable source of food and not just for decoration, if we are to tackle the 7.3 million tonnes of food and drink wasted from British homes each year. Halloween is a great opportunity to help our children understand where food comes from and involve them in cooking a simple meal with their pumpkin carvings.

Visit Hubbub's website here for more details of events across the UK and click here for lots of delicious recipes.


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