New Refill Directory launched

refill shop refill bottles and more

A number of shops in Suffolk are offering refills for a host of household items in a bid to cut down on the amount of plastic and packaging we use.

The Suffolk Waste Partnership has launched a handy online directory which lists the shops, businesses or charities that host refill points for items such as cleaning products, toiletries and dried foods, such as rice or oats and even loose-leaf tea and chocolate. At the moment there are 22 organisations which stock refills, but the partnership is encouraging other businesses to consider introducing similar schemes.

Peter Stevens, Chairman of the Suffolk Waste Partnership, said: “These refill points allow people to make a decision about what plastic they use. Of course, we have a long way to go before these refill points replace our weekly shop, but it is absolutely fantastic that Suffolk is showing such initiative in beginning the process. This is exactly the kind of ‘green’ thinking we welcome and encourage. I would ask everyone to have a look at the directory and see what is offered in their neighbourhood.”

Residents can search their local area on the directory to find where their nearest refill point is.

If any retailers or businesses would like to offer refill services and get listed on the online directory please contact The directory can be found here