Magical Mandalas

An exciting schools Christmas Recycling Project!

As well as looking after our environment by reducing, reusing and recycling we need to look after ourselves and each other, especially at the moment. This year’s schools’ Christmas Recycling Project is called ‘Magical Mandalas’.

Mandalas are circular patterns that represent the circle of life and show that we are all connected. This sense of community and well-being is so important to us all right now.  

As we won't be able to put up a big display this year, we still wanted to create an opportunity for Suffolk schools to come together, to make a fabulous collective ‘virtual’ display using recycled materials. In the same way the usual displays at Ipswich Town Hall and The Apex demonstrate, it will still help to illustrate that each individual action can add up to a lot!

We have asked schools to use recycled materials to make their mandalas and either make them in school in their pods or ask the children to make them at home and to send in photos for our on line gallery and social media channels on twitter and facebook @suffolkrecycle. The original mandalas can be used to decorate their classrooms and homes at Christmas. You can find the instructions here.

Suffolk Recycles hope that you will be able to join in this project to bring fun and good cheer as well as an important environmental message about recycling!  Please contact if you would like to find out how to get involved.

See our gallery showing the mandalas we have received so far.

Deadline for entries: 18th December 2020