Improvements to Foxhall Recycling

Suffolk County Council is working on a project to expand and improve Foxhall Recycling Centre.  

Suffolk County Council is working to expand and improve Foxhall Recycling Centre.  This will also involve highway improvements to the site entrance.  The benefits of this scheme will be to:

  • Reduce the need for queuing on the highway
  • Provide an improved space and layout for easier access
  • Improve accessibility and increase capacity by eliminating the need for site users to climb steps to access containers
  • Improve the Re-use Centre space
  • Introduce greater separation between public vehicles and larger vehicles
  • Increase site capacity to meet future growth

Planning permission was granted in January 2021 and construction is expected to begin later this summer.  We hope that the new site will be fully operational by the end of 2022.

New proposed Foxhall recycling centre layout


Frequently Asked Questions

We are expanding this Centre to meet both current and future demands on the county’s busiest Recycling Centre and to improve the access into the site.

The new design will provide queuing capacity within the site and improved access from the public highway.  The raised level construction will improve access to the containers for site users by removing the need for stairs.  It means containers can continue to be emptied without the need to close the site.

Construction should commence in 2021 and be complete in 2023.

The new Recycling Centre will not be fully functional until 2023. Foxhall is a popular Recycling Centre and the Council’s intention is to keep a service running at the site as much as possible whilst construction takes place. This will increase the construction period.

The addition of a feeder lane to the public highway and the increased queuing capacity on site should eliminate the likelihood of any queuing on Foxhall Road itself.

Yes, the proposed scheme and access alterations are designed to continue to allow access from both directions.

The access improvements will involve alterations to the highway. Traffic management proposals will be developed with a specialist traffic management company and will need to be agreed by Suffolk Highways Network Assurance team.

It is envisaged that the Recycling Centre will generally be open but will need to be adapted around the construction works and will need to shut for short periods to allow certain construction activities to be undertaken.  Any short duration closures would be advertised well in advance.

You will be able to bring the same materials for re-use, recycling and disposal as are usually accepted at our Recycling Centres.

The new design makes the Re-use Shop more accessible and the first thing you will see when you enter the site.  You will be able to drop off and buy items for re-use here.

The new site will not be fully functional until 2023.  The current booking system is one of the measures in place to manage the Covid-19 situation and these arrangements will continue to be reviewed.

Yes. There will be additional space around the containers and increased parking and easier container access to improve throughput times.