1000 Endangered Animals

picture with text, 1000 endangered animals display at Bury Apex and Ipswich town hallThis Christmas the Suffolk Waste Partnership’s celebration of recycling takes on a theme of endangered animals. Schools and groups across Suffolk were invited to make 1000 endangered animals from recycled materials to raise awareness of the effects of population growth , changing climates, littering and pollution on animal habitats. The animals will be installed at 2 major venues in Suffolk; the Apex Bury St Edmunds and Ipswich Town Hall Gallery over the festive season and into the New Year.

30 schools and groups have taken part, with representation from all across Suffolk.

re-use work of rhino From Pangolins and turtles to snow leopards and whales, there are a large range of animals all made from reused and recycled materials including cardboard, plastic, sweet and biscuit wrappers, old buttons and ribbons. The response from schools certainly demonstrates that this important issue is of interest to today’s young people and their teachers. The individual items will be displayed together, with around 500 animals on display in each venue and will all add up to make a really big environmental impact.

St Pancras Catholic Primary School in Ipswich  collected cardboard from home, used recycled paper from their scrap paper drawer and homemade glue made from flour and water to produce 100% plastic-free tigers, whales, turtles and gorillas.

Mrs Justine Hughes , class teacher at St Pancras said

"It was so lovely to have been given the green light, to go (creatively) green, making recycled and totally biodegradable art work.

The project linked seamlessly with our science topic about animals and the changing environments they inhabit.

Class 4 enthusiastically learned about how more and more animals are becoming endangered species, and all of us wanted to improve their chances and remake a better, more natural world.

We hope we have helped to get the message across, to speak for creatures, unable to defend or speak up for themselves."

Children at St Pancras showing off their endangered animal creations
Children at St Pancras showing off their endangered animal creations


To see more images of the absolutely amazing artwork please visit 1000 endangered animals gallery

This is the 5th year of the display at Christmas with previous themes including 1000 stars, baubles, birds of peace and polar bears and penguins.

This project helps the young people of Suffolk to learn that  lots of everyday materials can be reused and recycled and can be seen as a resource, rather than rubbish. It also helps to show the importance of putting our rubbish in the right place, to make the most of the earth’s resources and stop it from getting into the environment .

re-use display at Bury ApexThe artwork will be on display at Ipswich Town Hall café Gallery from 27 Nov – 11 Jan

And at The Apex , Bury St Edmunds from 2 Dec – March 2020

The displays will be seen by hundreds of people over the festive season and will help to promote reuse and recycling, as well as the broader messages about the importance of the world’s resources and care of the environment .

A big thank you to all the schools and groups that took part :

Hintlesham and Chattisham Primary , Beccles Primary, The Oaks Primary, Priory School, Melton Primary, Woodbridge Prep, Howard Primary, St Jo’s Prep, Somersham Primary, Culford Pre Prep, Westley Middle School, Whitehouse Primary, Holbrook Primary, Thomas Gainsborough School, Debenham High, Ashley School , St Pancras Primary , Birchwood Primary, Tudor Primary, Sandlings Primary, Thomas Wolsey School, Bawdsey Primary, St Gregory Primary, Woodhall Primary, Sextons Manor Primary, Tattingstone Primary, Stone Lodge Academy, Bramford Primary , Gainsborough Library , Ipswich Brownies and Guides.


re-use disaply at Ipswich town hall