Waste site visits

*COVID-19 Notice* 

In view of the continued rise in cases of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and measures from the UK Government, site visits will not go ahead for the foreseeable future. We are also unable to take bookings for future visits at this stage.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by this and thank you for your patience and understanding. 
We will continue to review the situation and any updates will appear in this notice. 

Want to find out what happens to your waste after you have put it in your bin or taken it to a Suffolk Recycling Centre? 

Visit our Suffolk Waste facilities or have a group talk to find out!

Suffolk's energy-from-waste Facility 

public on tour at Energy from Waste Facility

If you think Suffolk’s general rubbish bin (non-recyclable) waste goes to landfill – think again!

Since 2014, general rubbish gets taken to the energy-from-waste facility at Great Blakenham which uses the waste as a fuel to produce energy.

As part of the visit, guests will receive a guided tour of the energy-from-waste facility and get a chance two explore their two purpose built, interactive visitors centres which explore waste, energy and the environment.  

Adults, schools groups and clubs are all welcome. Children must be aged 7+.

Please email suffolkefw.uk@suez.com for more details and to arrange a visit.

Recycling centres

recycling centre tour with work done at tour

Our Recycling Centres in Suffolk accept many items for recycling that can’t be collected at home.

The Recycling Centre Information and Education Manager, Sharon Lockhart offers range of enthusiastic talks at community groups and schools as well as the possibility of arranging a visit to a Recycling Centre near you.

For more information about organising a free talk or visit, please contact Sharon.Lockhart@fccenvironment.co.uk

Materials recycling facility

tour of Materials of recycling facility

Please note - Due to extensive upgrades currently taking place at the Materials recycling facility (MRF) at Great Blakenham, your kerbside recycling material from your blue bin is being taken to alternative facilities in Kent and Norfolk to be recycled. 

We are also currently unable to take bookings for tours for the public at the MRF. We hope we can resume taking bookings from April 2020 . Tours to the energy from waste facility and household waste recycling centre will continue as normal during this period.

Everything that you put in your recycling bin at home goes to the Materials Recycling Facility (MRF) in Great Blakenham. 

Here the materials are sorted and separated into bales of card, paper, metals and plastics. 

Suffolk Waste Partnership run tours of the facility where schools and groups can have a look around to see what happens, take part in a sorting activity and learn more about recycling. 

Adults, schools groups and clubs are all welcome. Children must be aged 7+.

Please contact Waste Management waste.management@suffolk.gov.uk

Note - There are only limited tours available on a first come first served basis.