1000 Endangered Animals gallery


Very creative Pangolin

Holbrook showing some off their fab creations

A beautiful Pangolin by Holbrook

Team snap showing their Endangered Animals 


What a catch from Priory primary school

Making their endangered animal at Somersham 

In full flow of their creature at Somersham

having a whale of a time at St Jo's


Fab sea creatures from Priory Primary 

St Gregory's team photo, showing their fantastic work

What a pair of lovely penguins by St Gregory's

Some amazing big creations from St Gregory's

St Jo's doing there bit and getting all creative 

Very proud St Pancras showing their work

St Pancras in mid creation of their endangered Animals 

Very sticky work at St Pancras to build their lovely creatures


A fabulous Whale getting painted by St Pancras


A lovely bottle top turtle from St Jo's

A very cheeky monkey from Thomas Gainsborough

Team photo from Thomas Gainsborough


Delightful work from The Oaks

Team photo of some great work by The Oaks

More fab work from The Oaks

A stunning Pangolin by Thomas Gainsborough


A delightful turtle by Thomas Gainsborough

A hiding panda by Thomas Gainsborough

A striking Pangolin by Thomas Gainsborough

A trio of fantastic Pangolins


Bury Apex display

Ipswich Town Hall display

Some of the fab display at Ispwich Town hall

Turtle on show at ipswich town hall


Lots on display at Bury Apex

In full putting up mode at the Apex

A wobbly, fluffy monkey by Thomas Gainsborough