Other FAQs

Small amounts (less than a quarter tin) of emulsion or acrylic paint can, once dry and solid, can be double-bagged and disposed in the kerbside rubbish bin or the non-recyclable container at any Suffolk Recycling Centre.

To aid the drying process: remove the lid and add sand, dirt or sawdust. Please ensure the paint has completely solidified before placing it in the bin or taking to the Recycling Centre. It may take a couple of weeks before it dries out.

Solvent-based paints or large quantities of paint cannot be treated in this way and can only be disposed of through the hazardous waste collection service

What gets recycled/disposed in Suffolk and what happens to it?

Our end use register explains where recycling, garden waste and non-recyclable waste goes. Find all this information and more at the ‘learning zone’ of our website.

The learning zone of our website explains where recycling, garden waste and non-recyclable waste goes. Find all this information and more by clicking here

Plastic bags and film Recycle now syblmos , Card widely recycled & Recycle with Carrier bags at larger stores, not at kerbside, cereal bag
Most large supermarkets (check in store) have a dedicated collection point where you can take plastic bags and clean plastic film. It is easier for supermarkets to recycle this material as they can collect a dedicated single stream product that is clean and recycle it with large amounts of plastic used in store during transport and storage processes, making it financially viable. You can reduce the amount of plastic you use by following the tips on our plastic reduction webpage.

Hard plastic

Hard plastic, such as toys, plant pots, garden furniture etc. can be recycled at any Suffolk Recycling Centre in the hard/rigid plastic container.

Bulky waste could be any large item from your home such as a sofa, armchair, bed, mattress, table, fridge, cooker etc. Bulky waste collection services can help when you are unable to take your waste to a Recycling Centre. Head to our website to find out more and to arrange a bulky waste collection https://www.suffolkrecycling.org.uk/where-to-recycle/bulky-waste. There is usually a charge for this service.

If you see a pile of waste that has been left illegally or in a public space, it may be classed as fly-tipping. You can report an incident to your local council so it can be investigated and cleared. This  webpage has all the contact details for district/borough councils across Suffolk as well as tips to prevent fly tipping: https://www.suffolkrecycling.org.uk/fly-tipping

Contact the Council

Have you checked our A – Z of Recycling  to find out what to do with most items? It is full of info on reducing, reusing, recycling, composting and disposing of a range of items across Suffolk.

District/borough council – for missed bins, replacement bins and other services:

Suffolk County Council waste – for Recycling Centres, waste disposal and further information.